Hazem Saklou, the chief of the Arab Investor Award for Youths

Hazem Saklou is the chairman of Alkanaah Holding Group. He has led the group due to his tremendous efforts in developing what his family built since 1960. Saklou has invested his ability to contribute in widening the sectors of the group and increase the branches of the group and its corporations around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Thereby, having a positive impact on the new sectors which are included in the group such as construction sector, environment protection and finally human resources sector. Following the Saudi Arabia's vision for 2030, the company adopted a new strategy in human resources sector and employed specialized workers in the field of cleaning and maintenance.

That has contributed to be Saklou one of top ambitious Arabian youths and assumed the position of the chief of the Arab Investor Award for Youths, which is held annually according to specific laws and particular specialization in UAE.    

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